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Polyamory in Wisconsin

Recently there was a news report on the Young Milwaukee Poly group. It provides an interview with a triad and a few others (see the video of the interview HERE).  It is such a simple little segment, so why should this matter? And the answer to that question is, it matters because it is rare when you see the local media portray alternative relationships in a real-life-non-sensational way.

The triad is a grouping of just regular people. This is of course something that most of us, that support non-traditional relationship configurations, knows without even thinking about it. However, to have a news organization actually interview in a way that shows polyamory in a normal fashion is a great advancement.

Once again we see that relationships come in many forms but the key to any of them is open, honest, and direct communication.  Everyone knows what is going on, agrees to the formation, and works to ensure a loving environment.  This happens all over the world but having it discussed on the news in our own Wisconsin backyard feels great! I am so pleased that those the in Young Milwaukee Poly group are creating a community where people can get together and talk about these ideas.

Madison has at least two Poly groups and you can find more information on them at:

Madison Area Polyamory Society

Poly Out

And if you are curious about polyamory, need support with opening up your relationship, or working on polyamorous partner communication please feel free to contact me.