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JSJ Therapy presenting at CARAS conference

It’s almost time for alternative sex therapists and researchers to get together and talk about big ideas in the field.

All are welcome to attend the upcoming CARAS Conference in Chicago on May 24th.  I’ll be presenting with Awen Therapy on the topic entitled :

Using the D/s Dynamic to Reach Therapeutic Goals In and Out of Session

This is such an important group of individuals who are looking to bridge the gap between therapy-research-and-community. This is going to be a great conference, join us!


Polyamory in Wisconsin

I was out and about and saw a new magazine. I picked it up and to my surprise there was an article about polyamory.  While none of this is really too new, the fact that this magazine is created right here in Madison… does make the topic choice all the more fascinating.

Curb Magazine has an online version of the article I read here:   Redefining Love.

“To me, polyamory has the same values as monogamy,” she says. “We just make the conscious choice to have more than one relationship at a time. We still treat our partners the same, we don’t do anything that is much different from monogamous people. We still have to pay rent and go grocery shopping and deal with jobs and taking care of a family.”

I spoke with the article’s author J. Braun about the work and providing a few more resources for the Madison (and the local surrounding area) individuals interested in learning more about polyamory.  Mr. Braun expressed he is happy to support those who are curious to understand more about non-monogamy.

I personally see it as a positive step  when an emerging UW Madison publication is  willing to look at alternative approaches to relationships in a positive open manner. I look forward to seeing more of what Curb Magazine creates!   And just in case you are a reader of Curb and coming to this blog seeking more you are welcome to contact me to speak further about differing approaches to love, relationships, and sexuality.  Also you can seek out information at the following local links:


Poly Out

Madison Live Journal Group

Poly in Wi

If you are aware of other local groups online or that meet in person that are not mentioned above for the Madison area please do let me know! I’m always happy to help people connect with one another for support and education.

Polyamory in Wisconsin

Recently there was a news report on the Young Milwaukee Poly group. It provides an interview with a triad and a few others (see the video of the interview HERE).  It is such a simple little segment, so why should this matter? And the answer to that question is, it matters because it is rare when you see the local media portray alternative relationships in a real-life-non-sensational way.

The triad is a grouping of just regular people. This is of course something that most of us, that support non-traditional relationship configurations, knows without even thinking about it. However, to have a news organization actually interview in a way that shows polyamory in a normal fashion is a great advancement.

Once again we see that relationships come in many forms but the key to any of them is open, honest, and direct communication.  Everyone knows what is going on, agrees to the formation, and works to ensure a loving environment.  This happens all over the world but having it discussed on the news in our own Wisconsin backyard feels great! I am so pleased that those the in Young Milwaukee Poly group are creating a community where people can get together and talk about these ideas.

Madison has at least two Poly groups and you can find more information on them at:

Madison Area Polyamory Society

Poly Out

And if you are curious about polyamory, need support with opening up your relationship, or working on polyamorous partner communication please feel free to contact me.