UW – Whitewater Counseling Program Welcomes JSJ Therapy

University of Wisconsin -White Water Counseling program hosts JSJ Therapy and Awen Therapy in the class room.  Dr. Cindy Anderton, the rest of her department along with her students are interested in learning about Alternative Sexuality and how to work with these kinds of clients and topics.

We are thrilled to be guest lecturers this semester! The importance of providing information, insight, and inspiration to other potential therapists is crucial. I deeply believe in providing a safe knowledgable place for clients to discuss their thoughts, feelings, and relationships that have a basis within alternative sexual expression. I am eager and continue to help other therapists starting out or in the field to navigate the complexity of LGBTQIA, power dynamics, kink, bdsm, non-monogamy, and sacred sexuality .

The lecture we will be providing is on what Alternative Sexuality is, how to talk about these topics, knowing your boundaries, where to find information and support, and how to help these clients move forward in their lives in the most strength-based-sex-positive way. This is another step forward in my work with CARAS to help develop an alt-sex curriculum for Counseling Psyche Sex Therapy Classes.

If you happen to be on the UW-Whitewater campus today you are welcome to join us from 1-4pm. We look forward to continually working with the Whitewater Counseling Dept in the future.


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