Social Engineering

I recently had the pleasure of being interviewed by Chris Hadnagy (and the rest of the crew) on the Social Engineering podcast. The conversation centered on the nature of how we become comfortable around others, understanding  microexpressions, and how neuro linguistic programming (NLP) can be used as a way to set people at ease.  It may not make sense as to why a therapist and social engineer would debate the finer points of interactions, however it all becomes clear when you realize how much overlap there is between the two disciplines.

Each takes a detailed look at how private information can be most  efficiently and painlessly gathered. The goals often in therapy and onsite hack are to gain rapport, uncover information, and provide a plan for a stronger secure foundation . Both are interested in the details of human interaction and helping people create a clearer path in reaching their goals.

Some of the basics that these individuals use from a psychological perspective can be found on Social Engineering website.  Also, I briefly talked about SE in a previous post which speaks to lessons that can be learned in life from an SE perspective.

If you are curious to learn more, you can listen to the podcast No Hype NLP for Social Engineers. Enjoy learning how to hack the human operating system!


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