Morning Therapy

Yep, that’s right, therapy in the morning! Why would anyone want to do that you might be asking? Well, there are a number of reasons actually. The most practical reason for most of my clients is that they get a session before work. Clients have raved about the benefits of being able to work through issues in the morning so they can process them throughout the day and then have their evenings free.

The more scientific reason is that our minds have rested for hours and are refreshed and ready to take on the world in the morning. As the evening comes around our bodies naturally react to dusk in a way that we tend to ease down as the sun does. This means that by the end of the day you may be exhausted from work, running errands, dealing with the kids, and your mind and body are not as up for the challenge of dealing with emotional concerns. However, in the morning humans are fresh and able to tackle a full day of feelings, ideas, and actions.

And I know what you are thinking, what if I am not a morning person? Here is the thing about that, even if you need to bring in your cup of caffeine, which I totally encourage, your unconscious is still up and ready to process. You may feel a bit slow at first but once you start discussing things that are intensely important to you, the blood starts flowing and your brain is already geared up and ready to go. Hence, even if morning isn’t typically your most clear time of day your unconscious is still working on your behalf and ready to help you reach your goals. Plus, this frees your evenings to relax and enjoy yourself without the stress of some big therapy session to lose sleep over.

One more thing, I know that many people have sadness, fears, and tears during therapy. It can seem strange at first to come in and talk about such powerful issues in the morning. However, I can assure you getting things off your chest first thing really frees you up to deal with the rest of the day. You can process things over a period of time, you can move forward without the nagging doubts, and most of all you are receiving support, understanding, and guidance first thing before you even start the rest of your day.

The positives of morning therapy are tremendous … plus it is cheaper. So whatever you need, whether it’s being fresh in the morning, able to process throughout the day, having your evenings free, or getting a morning boost of emotional expression and acceptance, seeing me in the morning just makes sense.

©2008 JSJ Therapy. email: Jasmine St. John, LMFT, WI #788-124


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