Crispy Realization

There are many moments where we feel defeated and unsure about how to move ahead.  Life appears to be stacked against us and we really just want to run away to a cabin somewhere in the Wisconsin winter woods.  This is what Justin Vernon did when his band and romantic relationship both ended one after another.  In case one might not think that is enough, Justin was quickly there after bedridden with mono for three months. Lonely and stuck in every way possible, Vernon took his sadness and turned it into something beautiful.  He wrote a painfully exquisite song about the experience.

The song pours out the emotional turmoil and eventual truth that so many of us live through.  It can feel like a death of the soul when you experience betrayal. Frozen within the heartache that seems to never go away. It can be overwhelming to take on the simplest tasks.  Depression hits you when the last thing you feel you can do is handle more hardship. Not only do you feel like you have to take on the world, you also can feel like you are in a battle with yourself.

And yet, there is something magical that happens when we are cut to the quick. We begin to learn about ourselves and our character. The hard-won understanding of our being is not something that happens upon us in an instant. It isn’t that sorrow feels good, but it is that sorrow brings forth a greater sense of self.  When we allow ourselves to mourn and grieve parts of what we had wanted and expected, we then allow for that space to heal.  We have the choice of letting that past pain calcify within us or transform it into a holding place for the opportunity to treat ourselves and others more respectfully.

Consider how you might take inspiration from someone like Justin Vernon and allow yourself to develop a powerful new sense of emotional range. Allow those authentic response to become a catalyst to empowered creativity!


“This is not the sound of a new man or crispy realization
It’s the sound of the unlocking and the lift away
Your love will be…
Safe with me”

You are encouraged to listen to this lovely cover of  the song.  It will still your senses.

(Should auto-load if not press the play button, for free listening.)

Re: Stacks –Bon Iver covered by Sonos

You can view the insightful lyrics here

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