Relaxation Techniques

I pay to have a woman tell me what to do at least three times a week.  She is my trainer and a dynamo of energy, insight, and positivity.  I lift stuff and jump around and pretty much grumble with a smile on my face the whole way through.  She coaches me along as I make sarcastic comments and encourages  me to push beyond what I feel comfortable with for the sake of strengthening myself.

Last week she was watching my form and then suddenly stops me. Her expression was focused and her tone was serious. I got a bit nervous as normally she is rather bubbly. She goes on to explain that at one point she had a trainer who taught her a really important lesson.   Her trainer mentioned that while she was  doing the exercises correctly …  she was working too hard for maximum benefit.  She continues with visual examples  to explain that  her body was clinched and tight as she did the movements.

There is the idea that somewhere along the way the mind told her body that in order to do the workout  it had to be tense to be powerful.  That we can put pressure upon the movement but that it doesn’t have to be from a place of stress. The body will naturally take care of itself and to tense up so much actually makes it harder to get what it really needs. With each move there is a fluidity that allows the body to do what it would like without taxing every other part of the system.

So what is the key to making this efficient workout possible?  She said it was simple that as one performs the exercises it is important to relax through the motions and breathe.


It makes so much sense in the rest of life as well. We can think, feel, and experience with a tense level of interaction or we can relax and breathe.  Living life is going to still be challenging and some days it might be more difficult to move through. However, if we can shift our perception towards one that allows our mind and body to take a breath… we will have so much more energy to create the strength we really want!


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