Gotta Laugh or Jazzercise!

Sometimes when the stress and pressure of everything makes you want to run away… one of the best things to do is laugh.  Get some perspective, take a step back, breathe, and remember that laughing changes the chemicals in your brain, helps your body ease tension,  you burn calories, and you just all around feel like the world isn’t about to end in a big blizzard.  With all this said, it is important to not take everything so seriously.  Hence, I present you a story and something worthy of laughter.

Soooooo, this girl I know loves to be sarcastic and creative. I think is obviously wonderful as I also love  artsy sarcasm. She knows that I’m on the hunt for office space (which btw… will hopefully be figured out this week!) and suggested that in the move perhaps I should also change my business name from JSJ Therapy to Jazzercise. She is pretty sure that a name change would help in multiple ways. I found this all brilliantly absurd. And sure enough… a wonderful photoshopped image appeared to encourage this name transition for marketing purposes.

What do you think? I bet you laughed! And that is the point… when things are so intense that it is hard to find your center, taking a moment to laugh… really and fully laugh… provides you with more understanding, clarity, and strength. It sounds simple but we often forget in hard times to just allow our hearts, minds, and bodies to find a glimpse of joy.  Go ahead… and laugh, chuckle, giggle, snicker, snort, and smile, because sometimes you just gotta laugh at how crazy it all is!


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