Speak Your Truth

A friend of mine recently stopped me in my tracks by making an important point. She explained that while she was  learning to share her thoughts and feelings with other people… that she was finding it was difficult to speak her truth to herself.

I took a long deep breath.  It is amazing when you can express yourself to others, but what about unflinching self honesty?  We are usually so outwardly focused with what others in our life will think or feel in response to what we share. We are fearful others will judge us (read: leave us in some way) and we don’t want that reality. We often tailor much of we say as a way to manage others. As we come to understand we can handle ourselves and the reactions of others , we find a new ability to interact in authentic ways. That is however, about dealing with ourselves in regards to others.

What about being able to do the same with your feelings about yourself? We spend a lot of energy trying to “not be” a certain way. There is a tremendous amount of effort put into changing who we are but what if all that pushing isn’t getting us where we want to be? What if it is so negative focused?

It can be a really rough proposition to sit with the reality that you might really be a brilliant sometimes,  that it is possible that sometimes you really are beautifully creative, and even more dramatic is that sometimes you really and truly might be an amazingly great person.  When we have those thoughts and feelings, we often create a defense to them… even if that defense is to think we are “always” something negative.

Not wanting to see the good is just as harmful as not wanting to see the areas we need to strengthen.  Hence, if you are ready to speak the truth … allow yourself the time to have your thoughts and feelings where you do not judge them as negative or positive.  They simply are what they are right now. Sometimes they are more and sometimes they are less. There is rarely an absolute in regards to ideas and emotions. We are complex creatures and things move and shift.

It is okay to acknowledge that you are “sometimes” all sorts of things. It is a part of you, not all of you, and to embrace that truth and share it with yourself. I assure you it can help you in all directions.

There is a “sometimes” in just about every context… just like “sometimes” you can allow yourself to be honest with yourself… even if it might include sometimes accepting the positive things about yourself too!


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