Polyamory in Wisconsin

I was out and about and saw a new magazine. I picked it up and to my surprise there was an article about polyamory.  While none of this is really too new, the fact that this magazine is created right here in Madison… does make the topic choice all the more fascinating.

Curb Magazine has an online version of the article I read here:   Redefining Love.

“To me, polyamory has the same values as monogamy,” she says. “We just make the conscious choice to have more than one relationship at a time. We still treat our partners the same, we don’t do anything that is much different from monogamous people. We still have to pay rent and go grocery shopping and deal with jobs and taking care of a family.”

I spoke with the article’s author J. Braun about the work and providing a few more resources for the Madison (and the local surrounding area) individuals interested in learning more about polyamory.  Mr. Braun expressed he is happy to support those who are curious to understand more about non-monogamy.

I personally see it as a positive step  when an emerging UW Madison publication is  willing to look at alternative approaches to relationships in a positive open manner. I look forward to seeing more of what Curb Magazine creates!   And just in case you are a reader of Curb and coming to this blog seeking more you are welcome to contact me to speak further about differing approaches to love, relationships, and sexuality.  Also you can seek out information at the following local links:


Poly Out

Madison Live Journal Group

Poly in Wi

If you are aware of other local groups online or that meet in person that are not mentioned above for the Madison area please do let me know! I’m always happy to help people connect with one another for support and education.


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