JSJ Therapy in the Media

I’m so proud to be a continual part of CARAS Community Academic Consortium for Research on Alternative Sexualities). The most recent newsletter for the organization is out and Jasmine St. John MS, LMFT has a write up on doing therapy with alt-sex clients from a strengths-based perspective.

You can view the pdf for the article here:   New Approaches to Alternative Sex Therapy (page 3)

Therapy has historically been a confusing and sometimes a contentious subject for individuals involved with alternative sexualities. The medical model approach to alternative sexuality finds its strength in perpetuating societal norms, by defining some behaviors as normal, and normal as healthy. The focus of this therapeutic approach was often directed towards curing the client of so called “pathology” which included  fetishes, kinks, and desires. Needless to say, this approach has negative consequences that discourage people wishing to embrace their non-traditional preferences from seeking out therapy and This medicalmodel approach al so l imi t s , di s suades , or deters opportunities for new developments in thetherapeutic field. Fortunately, there are changes, albeit slow ones, occurring in the field of therapy. These changes have implications for potential clients and therapists alike. (read more)

JSJ Therapy will also be involved with CARAS in research, conference speaking engagements, and educational materials for graduate counseling programs.


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