A Tribute To Life


When someone you care about passes away… a beautiful pain transpires. You remember the wonderful moments and wish that you could have just one more.  You feel every part of you stop … while the world seems to continue right along… as if nothing has changed.  But everything has changed… or perhaps nothing so unusual within the system that is life has changed at all.   These pieces come together and you try to find your balance within them.

This is what it feels like to live… this is what it is all about…and in this very moment that I feel the contrast of every possible emotion and thought …is where I find my admiration for Mort Perlmutter (Read his journey).

You know when you have that instant spark… connection… and understanding with another person? It feels like a magical moment of clarity and acceptance.  This is what it was like to be in the presence of Mort.  He is the one man that I have most respected, that I knew personally, within the field of therapy (and education).  He was a force of nature… he had the ability to slice right through with his curious insight.   He wasn’t afraid of what was real with his own feelings, ideas, and the complexity of those around him.

Many didn’t understand Mort… many disagreed with him… and many disliked his style… but there is really no question about his authenticity.  He lived his life in such a deeply honest way, even at the risk of many negative judgments.  He pushed boundaries and questioned the norms. His approach to the exploration of differing ideas wasn’t one that set others at ease.  However, it was his intense nature that did exactly that with me. I felt at home with his provocative abilities to name exactly what was going on within just about any moment!

There are so many people in the world that are not willing to risk truly exposing themselves emotionally in the most raw forms.  However, when you meet one such individual… you can’t help but be changed. You get to see inside something special… you get to see yourself.  That person reflects back the best within you … without all the fear that you hold… and while in their presence… anything is possible… YOU become possible with strength you never knew you had.

Mort was one of the rare souls in my world that inspired me, on a continual basis, to not be afraid of being myself.  Rather he encouraged the most brave, brilliant, and creative parts within.

His passing is a reminder of how he lived his life and how much he loved being a part of it.  While my heart feels swollen with sadness… I can hear Mort’s voice so clearly … he would pose hard questions …. push against my assumptions… and lovingly demand I honor every ounce of the experience. I treasure the opportunity I had to learn so many truly important lessons about therapy, life, and myself from Mort.  I am proud to carry on in his dramatic footsteps… “On with the greatness… that is living this life!”


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