What to do to feel inspired?

There is something within our humans mind that is constantly looking for the thing that is out of place, the negative, the part that doesn’t fit. This is normal and for some it can really make it hard to be positive.  This fact coupled with a feeling of self doubt can compound into a state of unhappiness and lack of inspiration.

So what do you do about it?

Well, of course the goal is to internally change the negative thought patterns and be more positive. That is a wonderful approach and as a therapist I completely approve.  However, what if you are not there yet? What if you don’t have that inside you and you don’t feel you can “fake it… to make it”?

There are other strategies that are on the spectrum of getting you where you want to be on being inspired internally. One of the main things is to take in data points from outside of your own mind. You are so inside yourself that you bombarded your own psyche with negativity. Where would you even get anything positive?

I have found working with clients that one of the first steps is to take in more positivity around you. What this means in actual terms is… reading books that are positive according to your own values,  actually slightly allowing yourself to accept a compliment, taking time out to do things that are part of your specific interests, talking with people that share your ideas or passions, listening to movies, music, media that continues to uplift you… beyond your own thoughts.

We spend so much time dumping negativity and insecurity into ourselves that just to balance even slight positivity may seem uncomfortable.  So realize that this approach may feel awkward at first. You will need to bit of patience with yourself on actually surrounding yourself with something besides negative emotions and thoughts.

I promise you though… you do not have to be internally inspired just in one big leap. Of course, if you want to I encourage you to shift yourself as quickly as possible. But if you need a starting place to get yourself out of the negative death spiral of yourself, then try bringing in outside sources of inspiration.

And as a matter of full disclosure… the image below is what inspired this post.


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