Complex People & Situations

There are always multiple sides, reasons, and feelings to any situation. We know this for ourselves but often forget it when it applies to others. One of the hardest things to do is to realize that there is more to a story. We consider that if we just separate the pieces we can find fault and be done … but that isn’t how life or our emotions work.

People and situations are complex. We have a past, present, and future. We have who we are with our family, friends, our romantic partners, and most of all within our own being.  There are factors of genetics, upbringing, environment, choice, and values.  Everything comes together to help create a situation and a response.

Often times the one sided approach to a situation can help us maintain boundaries when we are feel scared. This works to help us push through however usually when we look more deeply we find that much more exists beyond the surface.

Any given situation can hold the realities of multiple emotions and ideas.

I encourage all of us to take on the strength to understand truth for ourselves. We may hear stories, gossip, or rumors but it is up to each one of us to discover what we believe on our own and for our own lives.  With every person there is more complexity and richness than a one note explanation.

Be brave and challenge yourself to find what is good and honorable for you and your life without taking society,  current culture,  various others, friends, or family’s opinion as the only answer.

You are your own person and you hold your own values that help you reach your goals.  You are a complex person and I hope you respect others for it as well.


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