What if happiness isn't the answer?

Recently I came across a great post from studyhacks on the idea of boredom.

We just might be losing our ability to deal with uncomfortable situations… if it is being hungry, tired, conversations, or life.  And if we are somehow not able to sustain ourselves through the various moments in our life that are not “100% happy” then what do we do?

What if being 100% happy isn’t the answer?  What if we as humans were to experience the full realm of emotions.. including sadness, fear, guilty, or even boredom.

I feel like our American society has expectations for all of us to be happy, hyper, social, and  talkative all the time. This makes no sense. What exactly is wrong with being unhappy? I’m not talking about deep long lasting depression that takes over your life. But why is being sad, crying, being lonely, or any such “negative feeling” a bad thing? Could someone please tell me how on earth we got this far? Yeah, it isn’t fun or easy but maybe that is a myth too.

What if some of us aren’t made to be happy all the time or what if ALL of us aren’t made to be happy all the time? Oh sure, you say that you accept it for others but do you accept it for yourself? Why put pressure on yourself to “get over” the sadness of a relationship, death of a loved one, or bounce back after losing a job?

Perhaps we are losing far greater than an inability to deal with things but maybe we are losing our sense of self…. what it means to be human. There is a wide spectrum of emotional responses and I would hope we would treasure them. Instead, it is as if we must all be happy robots.

I challenge you to allow yourself to feel negativity. I challenge you to live through those feelings that are hard instead of pushing them down. You are stronger than you might think and you just might learn something about yourself as you realize there is more to life than happiness.


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