What to do when you can't get away from your problems

There are times and situations where it is almost impossible to get space from the very thing making you crazy. It can feel overwhelming to be stuck inside your head, circumstance, or even the same room with what makes you want to run away. So what do you when you can’t get free?

We will start off with the self-care steps first:

You would try to remove yourself from the situation and take some deep breaths.

You would use a mantra or calming tones in your head or out loud to help you slow down your heart rate.

You would remind yourself that you are in control and make choices on how to react.

Once back in the situation you would either express verbally or non verbally that you will be taking a break from talking/fighting/interacting the the situation that makes you so uncomfortable.

If these steps are not possible then you do your best to stay within, deep breathe, and repeat anything that helps you take your mind off the situation. As corny as it sounds it does work to think of a calm, happy, or silly situation/place.

Then when you are home or in a safe place you can do the classic self-care steps of relaxing. You can read, shower, clean, meditate, read, watch tv, or just about anything you want to help take the stress off of the day.

But what if all the self-care sounds good but doesn’t work. You want to distract yourself, you want to mentally exscape, but you find yourself closer and closer to a panic attack?

This is when you look for support. You call your therapist, your family, your friends, a 800 number for support. You talk to someone outside of the situation to tell take some of the pressure off. It may not make any difference to the situation but that other person can provide you with some slight shift beyond that wich is taking you to such an emotional extreme.

Remember that life isn’t made to be easy. It is a fallacy that everything is going to be happy or even should be all the time. There is something to be said (don’t hate me too much here, remember I go through it too) for working through that which we fear and hate the most. You CAN deal with your emotions. You may not be able to change your feelings but you CAN change your thoughts. And part of the action plan for self-care includes taking on a slightly different perspective.

It is possible you will wake up and have to deal with the very same situation over and over again. And still there are those that have suffered much worse and made it through. You can find the strength within yourself and when you feel like you have nothing left call in some reinforcements.


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