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I come across so many great reads on a daily basis. I feel like I want to post about so many of them but just do not have the time. I do however have the capability to pass along stuff that I find helpful, useful, and interesting. So I’m going to start saving links and trying to post them weekly. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

On a daily basis I find myself talking with clients about why pushing down their emotions isn’t helpful. The idea that out of sight is out of mind is simply not true. I explain that even when you supress the thoughts/feelings “spike” (my word) back up. This article explains in more detail just what I have been saying for years.

Why Thought Supression is Counter Productive.

I’m a major fan of TED and recently Mary Roach did a talk on 10 things you didn’t know about orgasms.

Using Dr. John Gottman’s work with clients often is one of the reasons I found this article so intriguing.  Contempt has been shown to be the hardest fighting strategy to overcome. The brain’s ability to pick up on it, even in subtle forms,  means that we should be even more aware of how we are treating our loved ones.


Science has shown for a good while that it is really hard to be mad at someone if you are looking directly at them. Now there is new evidence that shows how important touch can be to disarm anger, help us reconnect, and provide emotional reassurance.

Hold Me Tight


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