New Office Location

Well well… it is about that time.  Those of you that are already clients have been briefed on the new location. However, I wanted to make a formal announcement in the blog.  I am now officially located at :

6405 Century Ave Suite #201
Middleton, WI 53562

Now you can view a map of it on the website if you want a visual. However there are a few little tricks you need to be aware of:

1) My office is on the side of the building that is closest to Gino Italian Deli (It will make more sense when you get there).

2) I am on the second floor and that means you can take the stairs  (to the right of the entry doors) or the elevator ( through two sets of doors and down the hall) to suite #201.  I am located inside the Sperry Van Ness offices.

3) My name is not on the outside doors or the office doors yet. I expect that to happen within the next week or so. I will have some printed signs for the time being so you can locate the office.

4) Inside the office is a waiting room area with a secretary. She may or may not be there when you come for your session.  She is not responsible for working with you.  However, she is really friendly and her name is Beth. *smile* Just take a seat and when it is time for your session I will come out and get you.

5) IMPORTANT — If you come before regular business hours (8 am M-F) or on the weekend you will need to use the entrance code to get to the building. Please write this number down as I will be in with other clients and unable to answer my phone until your session time to let you in the building.  . You will hear a buzz and at that time the double doors are unlocked. Go through them and then you can take the stairs or elevator.

If you have any questions feel free to call me. It is slightly tricky at first but once you see it you will understand.  Welcome to the new office and I look forward to seeing you soon!


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