A different kind of New Year resolution

It is about that time of year again. You have made it through the first two holiday rounds and the final one is upon us… the New Year. With this celebration comes the tradition of resolutions.

Research by Miller and Marlatt (2005) shows that exercise, dieting, and decreasing in drinking/smoking all are high on the list of things people resolve to change for the upcoming year. These are great and I encourage everyone to make changes towards a happy and healthier lifestyle.

However, there are areas of your life that could also use a bit of a boost.  May I suggest that you consider working towards a goal of more self-esteem, a more loving perspective towards yourself, or even taking a bit more time for relaxation?  It may not appear at first glance that these things are worth setting up as a resolution, but I assure you that you will not regret the effort.

Imagine for a moment that someone is asking you if you made any resolutions for the new year and you smile back saying that you are going to say 10 positive things to yourself everyday. The person asking can’t help but respond in a positive way. There is a cycle of positivity that immediately is created the moment you start sharing you desire for personal growth. It is just how these things work.

And while working out is good for your mind, body, and soul… so is encouraging self consideration. You can always make time and space for kindness towards yourself.  There is no excuse due to weather, feelings, sick, or being busy. You can easily make the positive thoughts habit without much effort at all.

Oh yeah, Miller and Marlatt (2005) also talk about in their research about how if you want to make a resolution stick one of the best tricks is to, “Keep track of your progress. The more monitoring you do and feedback you get, the better you will do.” How nice the researchers agree that you should spread the word on your new choice to be much more loving to yourself.

Go forth and take on the new year with gusto!


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