Guilty Pleasures are Therapist Approved

We all things that make us smile. There are little quirks that we indulge in that maybe are ultra popular, ultra cliche, or ultra cheesy but for whatever the reason we feel better when we partake.  There is a name for these little bits of fun “guilty pleasures.”

We may not be proud of taking pleasure in watching Grey’s Anatomy, playing video games, drinking Starbuck’s coffee, reading romance novels, singing to 80′ music in the shower, or checking the lolcats every morning.

However, I would challenge that these happy little moments should be put in the same thought process of guilt. If you take pleasure even for a moment in something that makes you smile, forget the hardship of life, or helps you recenter… then I say go for it!

Life is tough enough and why shouldn’t we let ourselves watch our favorite movie for the 17th time if it makes us happy? We all need a break from the monotony, stress, and concerns of our lives. Also when we can take little moments to take-a-breather we are all the more able to deal with real pain when it comes our way.

We invest in our own lives with each choice, each day, and each interaction. It only makes sense that we would also make a point of enjoying ourselves in ways that feel luxurious to us for whatever the reason. You don’t have to tell anyone that you like to make rice crispy treats once a month as a way to relax and splurge, but I would encourage you to be brave and proud of who you are.

There is no shame in finding joy… take it where you can and embrace it 100%. The more you take ownership of your own happiness the more you have the ability to increase it. There is no need for guilty with pleasure. Love your life and your choices and your happiness!


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