The Not-So-Secret … Secret

“The Secret” as most know by now has swept the country.  The basic idea is one of the law of attraction. In the most simplified terns, if you think good things… good things will probably happen. This is nothing new and certainly not rocket science. However, as a therapist in Madison Wisconsin I’m thrilled to hear more and more clients come in talking about the premise.

I have long believed that we are inundated with our own negative thought patterns and that the world around us in general is not exactly out there helping us think the best of ourselves. It is really each individuals job to combat the negativity that comes at us each and every day. Hence, we do not have something positive to hold on to we will most likely sink into some form of depression.

“The Secret” may be a money-maker for those who packed it, but the ideas are worth considering if you knew of them as “being positive”, “looking on the bright side”, or this newest wording. Surrounding ourselves with ideas that encourage us to move forward, reach for our goals, and feel better is a glorious process.  Hence, when clients came in talking about the book it was natural for me to respond with exuberance.

Of course, I think it is a great idea!!! One after another asked me about the “vision boards” that are mentioned in the book/movie. Again, not a new idea but certainly a good one to bring to attention. So if you are interested in the concretes of a “vision board” Martha Beck was recently on Oprah talking about the details. Here is a link to her specifics of a vision board.  If you are like me you would also like to see what regular people are doing for their vision boards. I did a quick image search and came up with these.


I encourage all of you to think 5 positive things for every 1 negative, surround yourself with pictures and words that inspire you, and when things get tough repeat a healthy mantra that reminds you of your worth. The secret is really not a secret at all but it doesn’t stop it from being a great inspiration to many.


One thought on “The Not-So-Secret … Secret

  1. NAB

    For great vision!!

    And, great picture. I like how the sand is still wet, but the water is far. That’s a nice overcast day.


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